How to Deal with Doubts? + Q&A

Is it normal for Christians to experience seasons of doubt? The truth is, doubt can hit any believer at any time, even Christian scholars like Gary Habermas! But are you prepared to do the hard work of combating those false ideas to seek the truth, when so many people in our culture today are jumping ship and taking the easy way out?

In this midweek podcast episode, Frank addresses a handful of listener questions surrounding a variety of topics including overcoming our doubts, the legislation of morality, apologetics in the public school system, and much more! Frank will also touch on questions like:

Why shouldn’t people who are same-sex attracted identify as ‘Gay Christians’?
Can doubt sometimes be a GOOD thing?
Are religion and morality the same?
What’s going on with Andy Stanley?
What do you say when someone calls you transphobic?

If you’ve got objections to the faith, don’t panic! For every objection, you can find a reasonable response from people who have struggled with the very same objections, but only if you take the time to look! There’s plenty of faulty objections to go around, but as Frank explains, the key is to follow the facts–not your feelings.

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