The Blind | with Phil and Al Robertson

Ever wondered how the Duck Commander himself, Phil Robertson, became a Christian? Millions of fans came to know and love Phil Robertson and the entire Duck Dynasty clan during the show’s 11-season run, where the family’s Christian faith remained on full display without compromise. But now that the Duck Commander’s backstory is about to hit the big screen, how can longtime supporters of the show contribute to the success of the upcoming film?

In anticipation of the brand-new biopic, ‘The Blind‘, Phil and Al Robertson join Frank to talk about Phil’s radical transformation from the “biggest heathen in south Arkansas” to born-again Christian, millionaire, podcaster, and reality TV star. ‘The Blind’ tells the raw, unvarnished truth of the life of Phil and the Robertson family before Phil’s conversion and how the Gospel redeemed him from a life that nearly destroyed his family. During the episode, Frank and the Robertsons discuss topics like:

How did Phil react to his onscreen portrayal?
How did becoming millionaires impact the Robertson family?
What are some of the powerful themes depicted in the film?
What projects are Phil and Al Robertson working on now that Duck Dynasty is no longer in production?


Not a Christian film, but a film showcasing the Christian worldview, ‘The Blind’ will appeal to both Christian and non-Christian audiences. If God can reach someone like Phil, why not the prodigals in your life? Be sure to take yourself and a friend to go see ‘The Blind’ in theaters THIS WEEKEND (September 28-30th), so that it can stay in the box office for weeks to come!

At the very end of the episode, Frank also takes time to address a listener’s question about Hell. To view the entire VIDEO PODCAST be sure to join our CrossExamined private community. It’s the perfect place to jump into some great discussions with like-minded Christians while simultaneously providing financial support for our ministry.


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