Are Christians Too Involved in Politics?

Have you ever noticed that most of the disputes we have in our culture and even in the church, are morality based? Whether it’s abortion, marriage, transgenderism, climate change, vaccines, sexuality, etc., they all have to do with some standard of morality. The question is, what standard are we using to make our assessments on those moral issues?

In this midweek podcast episode, Frank reviews two controversial articles from the New York Post regarding a lawsuit imposed on The Chino Valley Unified School District by California’s Attorney General, Rob Bonta, who wants to block parents from being notified if their child begins to identify as transgender. As Frank reads the shocking details of this case, he’ll answer questions like:

How are non-Christian parents responding to this lawsuit?
Do minors have a constitutional right to privacy?
What is the purpose of the government according to the Bible?
Are Christians guilty of idolizing politics?
Why should Christians be MORE involved in politics?


Later in the episode, Frank discusses how Greg Koukl helped his wife take a stand at a school board meeting several years ago, and also highlights the real-life horror story of a detransitioner. After this episode, be sure to pick up your copy of the newly updated and expanded, ‘Correct, Not Politically Correct: About Same-Sex Marriage and Transgenderism‘, where Frank exposes the catastrophic consequences of homosexuality and transgender ideology based solely on evidence and reason (void of religion).

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Resources mentioned during the episode:

California school board battle:

CA Attorney General Rob Bonta vs. The Chino Valley Unified school district:

Greg Koukl’s school board letter:

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