Students Sue Professor Who Coerced Funds for Planned Parenthood and Radical Ideology – She’s No Longer in the Classroom

Michigan State University students Nathan Barbieri and Nolan Radomski are suing a professor and school officials after being forced to fund “The Rebellion Community,” a leftist organization dedicated to “smashing…

From Professor Dave, This Sounds Like Incitement to Violence

If you’re enjoying the certainty that you’ve triumphed in a debate, you don’t then, even in a weird “just kidding” way, post fantasies about murder. Source Read More Evolution News

Ron DeSantis tells Christians to ‘put on the full Armor of God;’ vows to protect families, children

Shortly before announcing his presidential campaign Wednesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis outlined his views on faith, family and the education of the country’s children at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB)…

Homeschooled Christian Golfer Amy Olson to Play U.S. Women’s Open While 7 Plus Months Pregnant

LPGA Tour player Amy Olson will be competing in her seventh U.S. Women’s Open this July – but her first while pregnant. The Oxbow, North Dakota native, who began playing…

Southwestern Seminary leadership to address fraud allegations at trustees meeting

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s board of trustees will be holding a meeting reportedly centered on allegations of identity and credit card fraud, as well as the misappropriation of funds by…

Amazon Prime to release docuseries about Duggar family’s IBLP beliefs, Bill Gothard

An upcoming Amazon Prime docuseries set to be released next month will focus on the religious beliefs of the prominent Duggar family.  Read More The Christian Post | RSS

Mother of girl killed by MS-13 gang member in the US illegally urges Congress to secure border: ‘This is not political, it’s a safety issue’

The mother of a 20-year-old girl murdered by an alleged MS-13 gang member called on the government to enact stronger border policies to protect other parents from the pain of…

James Tour Takes Professor Dave to School: Farina Won’t Answer Tour’s Reasonable Questions

Farina finally did write something on the blackboard: “Not Clueless.” This, needless to say, did not answer Tour’s request for a scientific explanation. Source Read More Evolution News

Hello, Professor Dave: James Tour’s Criticisms of OOL Research Echo Those of Other Experts

Today, I will address one of the few honest questions that Professor Dave and other critics have asked of Dr. Tour. Source Read More Evolution News

Humanitarian group sends Bibles to country ranked world’s worst persecutor of Christians

A faith-based humanitarian organization is working to nourish the “body and soul” of persecuted North Koreans by sending food supplies and Bibles into the country where believers and their relatives…

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