Is Telling the Truth Transphobic? + Q&A

You want controversy? We’ve got it! In this midweek podcast episode, Phoenix Hayes joins Frank to discuss the expanded third edition of his book, ‘Correct, Not Politically Correct: About Same-Sex Marriage and Transgenderism’. The transgender movement has seemingly swept the Western world by storm, and the ripple effect has resulted in the ostracizing of conservative values, the crippling of women’s sports, and the mutilation of young children!

Gender reassignment surgery and hormone replacement therapy has been marketed as the solution to those who believe they suffer from gender dysphoria (previously called gender identity disorder), but the data shows the exact opposite! Frank and Phoenix expose many of the shocking and horrific consequences of “transitioning”, show how same-sex marriage and transgenderism are ultimately harmful to our society, and answer some tough questions from our listeners!


Why has the Church been so silent on this issue?
Why is transgenderism more common today in girls vs. boys?
Should Christians use preferred pronouns?
Should certain books be banned in schools?
What is the definition of “tolerance” and how should the Church respond?
What’s next for the transgender movement and what can we do about it?


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Correct, Not Politically Correct (Expanded Third Edition):


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