What Should You Do When a Loved One Deconstructs (Leaves the Faith)? | with Alisa Childers

This internet age is full of trends. One of the latest is the trend to “deconstruct” one’s beliefs about Jesus and Christianity. If someone you love has done this, how should you respond? On today’s podcast, Alisa Childers joins Frank to offer insights on how you can make progress, especially when your loved one now thinks you are “toxic” and seems resistant to reason. Join our listeners as they ask questions related to their personal experiences, including:

What is causing this trend?

What are the top 4 reasons why people leave the Christian faith?

What is “deconstruction” and how does it compare to having doubts?

What if your pastor is showing signs of deconstruction?

How do you talk to a spouse who belittles you and your beliefs?

What if your child has been brainwashed by their spouse?

Is it possible to have a relationship with someone who hates your faith?

Should we be talking about this trend with our young children?

And many more!

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