4 Reasons Christians Should be Involved in Politics

Another election is upon us! Should Christians get involved, or should we just stay out of it? Is the church getting too political? Have we come to a place where only atheists are allowed to make laws?

In this episode, Frank does a deep dive into four reasons why Christians need to be involved in politics. He explains why it goes against the greatest commandment to “love thy neighbor” if we choose to stay silent on many of these issues! Some of the issues Frank brings to light include the fact that Jesus was involved in politics; that we are commanded to be involved; that Christians can’t ignore the issues of life, so-called “gender-affirming care,” and the fact that our religious freedom— our very ability to preach and live the gospel— is slowly but surely being taken away in the name of other ideologies. At the very least, Christians should VOTE for candidates who will legislate biblical/natural law values (Yes, all laws legislate morality— the only question is, Whose morality?).

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Here is Rod Dreher’s article referenced in the podcast about our government pushing “gender-affirming care” on children: https://bit.ly/3NxzOtX

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