Why Is It So Hard to Talk About Race? – Isaac Adams

“Our conversations will produce more light than heat if we can focus in on one argument at a time. By more carefully isolating our real disagreements, we will be better equipped to talk responsibly, listen respectfully, and find common ground and move in the direction of possible solutions.” – Isaac Adams

Isaac Adams delivers a message at TGC21 addressing the question, “Why is it so hard to talk about race?” He begins with the most basic and foundational of answers from James 4: sin is the reason for the quarrels and fights among brothers and sisters in Christ. Adams identifies 11 reasons he believes sin specifically affects conversations about race. He encourages us listeners to repent, to seek wisdom and listen to one another, and fix our eyes on Jesus.

Though we may not fully agree on questions of race and racism, we can be unified through our conversations if together we are fixated on Christ.

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