Steadfast: A Free TGCW21 Playlist – Brett McCracken

The Gospel Coalition’s 2021 Women’s Conference is set for April 9 to 11, both in Indianapolis and online. The theme of TGCW21 is “Steadfast,” and keynote speakers will study the book of James. In a world that can undermine our faith and pull us off track in so many ways, we need biblical wisdom if we’re to stay the course and be steadfast saints. 

We created a free playlist to accompany the conference, with 100 songs inspired by the theme and by the biblical wisdom we find in the book of James.

You can stream the playlist on Spotify or on Apple Music right now.

The playlist is ordered in nine “movements” that take us through the book of James, with songs grouped according to themes we find as we move through the text.

This collection of songs doesn’t only serve as a musical accompaniment to TGCW21, however. We hope it will be a playlist you return to often when you need musical encouragement to live steadfastly in an unsteady world.

TGCW21 Playlist Songs

1. Intro / Call to Worship

  • “Steadfast,” Sandra McCracken
  • “Morning Song (Give Me Jesus),” Antoine Bradford
  • “O Praise the Name,” Shane and Shane
  • “May You Be Glorified,” John van Deusen

2. Steadfast Foundation: Our God of Perfect Gifts (James 1:1–18)

Testing of Faith and Trials (James 1:2–4, 12)

  • “Anchor,” Beautiful Eulogy and Josh Garrels
  • “James 1:2–5,” The Corner Room
  • “The Sower’s Song,” Andrew Peterson
  • “When Trials Come,” Keith and Kristyn Getty
  • “God Is for Us,” CityAlight
  • “Lord, from Sorrows Deep I Call (Psalm 42),” Matt Boswell and Matt Papa
  • “Sweet Comfort,” Sandra McCracken
  • “Sovereign Over Us,” Aaron Keyes
  • “Shepherd,” John Tibbs and Sandra McCracken
  • “Always Good,” Andrew Peterson
  • “Strong in the Fire,” Latifah Makuyi
  • “Hold On,” Flame
  • “Abide with Me,” Indelible Grace Music
  • “Abide,” Liz Vice
  • “He Will Hold Me Fast,” Shane and Shane
  • “Christ the Sure and Steady Anchor,” Matt Boswell and Matt Papa

Humility (James 1:9–10)

  • “There is a Mountain,” Caroline Cobb
  • “High and Lowly,” Bethany Barnard
  • “I Want a Principle Within,” Zambroa
  • “Humble Heart,” Jess Ray 

Father of Lights/Generosity Giver (1:16–18)

  • “Father of Lights,” Aeron Brown
  • “For the Beauty of the Earth,” A New Liturgy
  • “The Love of God,” Sara Groves
  • “Father,” Junior Garr
  • “Perfect Father,” Josh Gauton
  • “Never See the End,” Mission House
  • “Let Your Heart Sing,” Young Oceans

3. Steadfast Obedience: Not Hearers Only (James 1:19–2:13)

Obedience: Hearers & Doers (James 1:19–25)

  • “Psalm 1,” Poor Bishop Hooper
  • “James 1:19–27 Doers of the Word,” Christcentric

True Religion/Social Justice/The Poor (1:26–2:7)

  • “He is Among Us (the Least of These),” The Porter’s Gate
  • “Faint Not,” Jenny & Tyler
  • “The Zacchaeus Song,” Paul Zach and Sandra McCracken, The Porter’s Gate
  • “True Religion,” Ryan Delmore
  • “Let Us Be Known,” The Porter’s Gate
  • “Lead On, Oh King Eternal,” Sara Groves
  •  “Waters Roll” by Jenny & Tyler

The Law of Liberty/Mercy Over Judgment (2:8–13)

  • “Liberty,” Shane and Shane
  • “Mercy,” Amanda Cook
  • “Storehouse,” The Gray Havens
  • “Most Merciful God,” Will Retheford, Young Oceans, Caroline Collins
  • “Thy Mercy, My God,” Sandra McCracken
  • “My All in Thee,” Young Oceans, Ellie Holcomb
  • “Mercy” by Tenielle Neda

4. Steadfast Works: By Faith Alone (James 2:14–26)

Faith Without Works is Dead (2:14–20)

  • “Screen Door,” Rich Mullins

Abraham’s Faith & Works (2:21–24)

  • “All the Stars,” Caroline Cobb
  • “Abraham,” Denison Witmer
  • “Abraham and the Gospel,” Timothy Brindle
  • “Justified,” Shai Linne

5. Steadfast Speech: A Mighty Little Tongue (James 3:1–12)

  • “May the Words,” Ellie Holcomb
  • “Take My Life and Let it Be,” Paul Zach, featuring Liz Vice
  • “Every Praise,” The Recording Collective
  • “Praise the Lord Ye Heavens,” Young Oceans, Harvest
  • “Psalm 19,” Jess Ray

6. Steadfast Wisdom: A Harvest of Righteousness (James 3:13–4:12)

Wisdom from Above (3:13–18)

  • “Wisdom,” Jill Phillips
  • “Be Thou My Vision,” Shane and Shane
  • “Trust You,” Aaron Keyes
  • “Proverbs 3:5–6,” John van Deusen
  • “The Perfect Wisdom of Our God,” Keith and Kristyn Getty

Warning Against Worldliness (4:1–7)

  • “Tethered to the Cross,” Danny O’Callaghan
  • “I Have Decided,” Wilder Adkins
  • “How Long Will You Wander, My Wayward Daughter?” John van Deusen
  • “Antidote for Apathy,” Tenielle Neda

Draw Near to God (4:8–10)

  • “Your Nearness is Our Good,” Micah|Michelle
  • “We Draw Near (Hebrews),” Caroline Cobb
  • “Draw Near,” Passion

7. Steadfast Hope: The Coming of the Lord! (James 4:13–5:12)

  • “Burn for You,” Rivers & Robots
  • “Stir a Passion,” Josh Gauton
  • “All Glory Be to Christ,” The Door Church
  • “God’s Highway,” Sandra McCracken
  • “Orphan Girl,” Ane Brun
  • “The Lord’s Highway,” Claire Holley
  • “Eyes on the Prize,” Jill Phillips
  • “Wayfaring Stranger,” Sister Sinjin
  • “The Earth Shall Know,” The Porter’s Gate
  • “When We All Get to Heaven,” Casting Crowns
  • “Revelations 19:1,” Sunday Service Choir
  • “He Is Wonderful,” Lowana Wallace
  • “Behold, Behold (Revelation),” Caroline Cobb, Sean Carter
  • “Behold Our God (World Edition), Badminton Road
  • “Springtime,” Chris Renzema
  • “In the Eventide,” Psallos
  • “There is a Day,” Eufaula

8. Steadfast Prayer: Trusting Our Faithful God (James 5:13–20)

  • “Great is Thy Faithfulness (Live at TGC),” Austin Stone Worship
  • “Faithful,” The Worship Initiative, Shane and Shane
  • “I Will Trust My Savior Jesus,” CityAlight
  • “Brother, Believe,” Lion of Judah
  • “Light of Your Love,” Ellie Holcomb
  • “No Limit to Your Love,” John van Deusen
  • “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms,” Shelly Moore
  • “Blessed Assurance,” CityAlight
  • “Faithful to Me,” Eufaula

9. Outro / Doxology

  • “All I Have is Christ,” Shiloh Church Choir
  • “Rey de Reyes,” Hillsong Worship
  • “Steadfast,” Josh Garrels
  • “Steadfast Love,” Immanuel Worship

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