Is My Desire to Adopt Trying to Fill a “Child-Shaped Hole” in My Heart? – BreakPoint Q&A

John and Shane field a question from a woman who is questioning her motivation to adopt as a single woman. She asks the two if her desire to adopt is to fill a “child-shaped hole” in her heart, or if she is really concerned with the betterment of their life. Additionally, she cites statistics related to children growing up without a father. She asks if it is best for her to pursue an adoption.

John and Shane also field a question from a mother regarding best practices in addressing cancel culture. She references the move to take down monuments of flawed men. Her question is how to best equip her daughters to participate lovingly in the conversation.

John and Shane begin the question and answer time working through a critique on their posture with young people leaving the church. A similar question asked for resources to equip young people to remain connected to the church.

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