BreakPoint This Week – Are COVID-19 Vaccines ethical?

John Stonestreet and Shane Morris recount what they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving season . . . and then wade into the deep waters of the ethics surrounding the upcoming COVID vaccines, whether they use fetal stem cells and whether it is ever ethically acceptable to take an innocent life, even for a so-called greater good. The good news is, major Christian organizations and ethicists have given the green light to two of the upcoming vaccines . . . but not a third.

Also in this week’s episode, a federal circuit court has enjoined local ordinances that forbid so-called gay “conversion therapy.” Clearly, the law is not settled, and John urges Christian counselors, churches, and institutions not to cave into the cultural narrative that our urges and desires define who we are.

They wrap up the show encouraging Christians to observe the season of Advent–and have some recommendations to make to bless you and your family.

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