Afro-Latino Contours, Code Switching, and Transitional Justice (Part 2) – Jim Davis

Jim Davis and Mike Aitcheson continue a conversation with Jon Aragón and Ameen Hudson, picking up with power dynamics in culture and society and the concept of transitional justice as a means to bridging gaps in America’s traumatic racial history. Aragón and Hudson share things they wish the church would embrace in this cultural moment. The group addresses:

  • Power differentials in scripture (:34)
  • How Jesus addressed power differentials (8:42)
  • Understanding transitional justice (16:29)
  • Taking justice seriously (25:28)
  • Promoting greater human flourishing for minorities (31:13)

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1. Why is it powerful for the church to own past wrongs even if it didn’t participate in them? Where might the Bible point to the need for this? How could this shape the church for the future?

2. What would it look like for the church to embrace a more robust view of justice that applies the whole testimony of Scripture to this world? What will it cost?

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