How Should Christians View the End of Life? – Kathryn Butler

In this first episode of TGC Q&A’s Christians and Healthcare series, Dr. Katie Butler answers the question, “How should Christians view the end of life?” She addresses:

  • Framing the discussion (0:42)
  • Should Christians should always choose to “extend life”? (1:44)
  • Thinking biblically in tumultuous situations (3:38)
  • Four biblical principles for approaching end-of-life care (6:01)
  • Seeking a cure, accepting death, and alleviating suffering (11:42)
  • Evangelism in the ICU and palliative care (18:09)
  • The difference between evangelism and ministry in the health-care industry (21:22)
  • Show compassion as a health-care worker without becoming spiritually exhausted (25:28)
  • The most fundamental method for building crucial strength to endure (28:38)

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Dr. Katie Butler’s Recommended Resources:

For health-care professionals, referenced in episode:
For everyone:

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