The Impact of Kenya’s School Shutdown Until 2021 –

One of the biggest changes the pandemic has brought to our way of life is the way we educate our children. In the United States, many schools are beginning the school year virtually or reopening classrooms at reduced capacity. But in Kenya, the government has elected to cancel school altogether until 2021.

This decision comes with harmful consequences for many vulnerable children. No school increases their risk of suffering through domestic and sexual abuse, hunger, malnutrition, prolonged poverty, and more. In a society where education is directly tied to survival, denied access to schooling has potentially grave implications.

Ronald Kogo joins me on the podcast to discuss how Kenyan church planters are rising to the challenges of COVID-19 with gospel intentionality. Ronald is planting Covenant Baptist Church in Nakuru, Kenya. He and his wife, Jackline, are raising four kids together.

Listen to this episode of Churches Planting Churches.

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