What Can We Do About Anti-Semitism? Your Questions Answered

In what will now be a regular weekly feature of the BreakPoint Podcast, John Stonestreet and Shane Morris answer readers and listeners questions on a wide variety of topics. Today: What can we Christians do about the rise of anti-Semitism? A recent NBC article claimed that White Christians are more racist than non-religious people . . . what does John think? Finally, they respond to a question from a listener who works with abused children, some of whom are succumbing to gender confusion. These children want the listener to use pronouns that reflect their chosen gender, not their biological sex. What’s the proper response?



“Anti-Semitism, the Oldest Hatred,” by John Stonestreet and Maria Baer, BreakPoint

“Racism among white Christians is higher than among the nonreligious,” NBC News

“The Roots of Wokeness,” by Andrew Sullivan, the Daily Dish

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