Remarkably, Humans Are Just the Right Size to Make and Master Fire

Only an organism of our dimensions and android design — 1.5 to 2 meters in height with arms about 1 meter-long ending in manipulative tools — can handle fire. Source…

Evolution Can’t Explain Sexual Modesty; Why Not?

Darwinism is supposed to be a universal theory about biological diversity advancing through reproduction. Could such a basic observation be beyond its scope? Source Read More Evolution News

Privacy in Human Intimacy Isn’t About Evolution

We transcend the strictly material forces that spur natural selection. We, alone in the known universe, are moral beings. Source Read More Evolution News

How Man Became the Fire-Maker

Being terrestrial is one obvious requirement. No fully aquatic species could master fire and thus develop metallurgy. Source Read More Evolution News

Doctor’s Diary: Evolution’s Countless Chicken-and-Egg Conundrums

It turned out last week that scientists have been wrong for 350 years about how sperm swim. Source Read More Evolution News

When They Come for You — Some Helpful Tips

This strategy could be effective in dealing with the Darwinian totalitarians. Woke thugs, like Darwinist thugs, abhor having to explain themselves. Source Read More Evolution News

Whales — Time to Put Evolution’s Exhausted “Poster Child” to Rest

The argument about whales turns on two points: “Population genetics calculations say no,” and “New fossil find throws the series into disarray.” Source Read More Evolution News

Nature’s Magic and Its Breathtaking Parsimony

Without this ensemble of fitness in nature, there would be no wood, no fire, no metallurgy, no modern technology. Source Read More Evolution News

Fine-Tuning in a Nutshell: No Problem

Though cosmic fine-tuning is often referred to as “the fine-tuning problem,” Robert Alston says it’s really no problem at all. Source Read More Evolution News

Next Phase of ENCODE Finds MORE Functional Information in Genome “Junk”

The ENCODE project, now in its 17th year, ended its third phase with a new record of annotated elements in human and mouse genomes. Phase 4 is coming. Source Read…