Intention, Agency, Even in “Simple” Life Is No Illusion

As biologist Scott Turner explains, the appearance is not false but very real, a fact from whose profound implications most scientists veil their eyes. Source Read More Evolution News

“Lifelikeness” Without Intelligent Design? Brian Miller Responds to Jeremy England

Dr. England has a poetic and ingenious article reflecting on God’s commissioning of Moses to lead the Jews out from Egypt. Source Read More Evolution News

Cancel Darwin? No, But Do Recognize How Evolution Boosted Racism

Cancel culture is becoming surreal. Or should I say even more surreal? “Exotic birds” are now judged to be offensive. What next? Source Read More Evolution News

Can You Trust the Bible If It was Written by Humans? (Video)

The Bible is allegedly the inspired “Word of God,” but it was written by humans who are fallible. How can we trust anything written by human authors given their failings…

The Gargoyle’s Challenge — Remembering Schützenberger on Darwinism

David Berlinski lives in the shadow of the Notre-Dame in Paris and poignantly remembers the cathedral before it burned. Source Read More Evolution News

Behe on Denton’s Latest: “The Universe Miraculously Got [It] Right”

“Michael Denton is the world’s most profound thinker about the physical and chemical requirements for the existence of a humanoid species like ourselves.” Source Read More Evolution News

Bechly Series: No Ancestors for Cambrian Animals; Darwin’s Doubt Remains

I urge you to review this important series. Humbly place it at the feet of your favorite Darwinist, atheist, or theistic evolutionist. Source Read More Evolution News

Racial Conflict and Scientific Racism

Protests are convulsing Louisville, KY, over the death of Breonna Taylor. How is the legacy of scientific racism reflected in today’s unrest? Source Read More Evolution News

How Christian Case Making Turns “Free Riders” Into “First Responders”

I’ve been part of a first responder family my entire life. I was born while my father was in the police academy and grew up during his law enforcement career.…

Podcast: Seeing Jesus from the East (with Abdu Murray) – Abdu Murray, Sean McDowell and Scott Rae

Without even realizing it, many Westerners fail to understand the Bible, and the larger Christian story, from an Eastern perspective. Yet doing so unlocks the Scripture in a fresh and…