Moses, Joshua, and Jesus: MORE “Third Day” References in the Old Testament | with Dr. Chip Bennett

Where can we find the concept of the third day being played out in the Old Testament? Esther, Isaac, Daniel, Jonah and even Goliath point to the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But how do the stories surrounding these Old Testament figures relate to events in the New Testament that occurred both before and after the resurrection of Jesus? Once you see all of these connections, you won’t be able to unsee them!

Last week, podcast listeners were blown away by Dr. Chip Bennett‘s exposé of how Jesus is revealed in the Old Testament. And for this midweek podcast, he returns to unpack significant parallels that every Bible-believing Christian needs to know about! By exploring the richness of interpreting the Scriptures through the literary hermeneutic, Chip will explore key passages from the Old and New Testaments that show how God weaved these stories together to beautifully illustrate the message of the Gospel. How is Jesus greater than Moses and David? What’s the difference between how the Antiochian Church and Alexandrian Church interpreted Scripture? How is Chip using TikTok to reach the next generation with the Gospel? Listen as Frank and Chip continue their discussion and uncover MUCH more in the second part of this eye-opening journey through the Bible that’s guaranteed to cause a burning in your heart!

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Resources mentioned during the episode:

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