How to Use Social Media for Meaningful Engagement – Blair Linne, Aixa de López, Sharon Dickens, Soojin Park

Social media, regardless of where you find yourself in the world, is likely shaping the culture around you. It has the ability to be all-consuming—shaping our thoughts, beliefs, and values. As Christians who aspire to have an influence on those around us, how can we use social media wisely without being consumed? Should we consider taking a break from social media when the need arises? As our follower count grows and provides an opportunity for influencing others positively, is it still appropriate to use our social media platforms to that end?

In this episode of Glo, Blair Linne, Aixa de López, Sharon Dickens, and Soojin Park discuss how to use social media in a meaningful and gospel-informed way. They touch on their preferred platforms, distinguishing between influencing others on social media versus being considered an “influencer,” and they identify when taking a break from it is a wise decision for our own hearts.

Episode time stamps:

There’s no recipe for social media (0:00)
How Twitter helped Aixa’s faith take a positive turn (5:12)
The value of social media for the global church (7:01)
The dangers of self-made influence (9:45)
The difference between being a positive influence and being an influencer (12:46)
Social media should be an overflow of your real life (15:21)
Remembering that your followers are real people (17:07)
Considering your purpose for being on social media (18:34)
Using social media wisely and when to take a break (22:24)
Is social media causing me to sin? (28:10)
The hosts share their favorite social media platforms (29:13)

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