‘The Washington Post’ Survey Confirms Trans is Not What We’ve Been Sold

The White House put out an official proclamation celebrating “Transgender Day of Visibility” as if lack of visibility is the real problem on the gender issue. Our nation’s president calls transgender and nonbinary individuals “some of the bravest people I know” adding, “their courage has given countless others strength, but no one should have to be brave just to be themselves.”

All people of goodwill and common reason must recognize that “being transgender” or “nonbinary” are not things that are real. They are beliefs, novel assumptions about what male and female are. Every person should certainly be celebrated, but not all beliefs can be celebrated. And our nation should certainly not be celebrating gender ideology. The reasons are evident.

The first fact of humanity is that everyone is either male or female. And according to the National Institutes of Health and the National Academy of Sciences, this truth is revealed in every cell of our bodies. No one is actually nonbinary. They only perceive themselves to be so. Intersex, which gender activists bring up as a counterfactual, is simply when a male or female body fails to develop naturally. It is not a third sex.

Being so-called “transgender” – which the American Psychiatric Association admits “is a non-medical term” and does not describe an actual medical or physiological condition – is merely a subjective appropriation of male and female. There is no scientific definition of the thing.

Progressive feminist Kara Dansky explains this with blunt honesty in her important book The Abolition of Sex: How the “Transgender” Agenda Harms Women and Girls. She explains bluntly,

Here is the truth we cannot speak: “gender identity” does not exist in any real, material sense, and “transgender” is simply a made-up concept used to justify all kinds of atrocities.

She explains what is really behind the idea,

It is, in effect, a men’s rights movement intended to objectify women’s bodies and erase us as a class. It is left-wing misogyny on steroids. I say this as a leftist and a Democrat. … The category of people being referred to as “transwomen” are, in fact, men – and everyone knows it.

Ms. Dansky is precisely right. What the White House is celebrating today is a fiction, an illusion. And a very problematic one for the reasons Dansky illustrates. If anyone can be a woman, than woman comes to mean nothing. Is this really the kind of progress the Woman’s Movement had in mind? their own erasure?

It is precisely what they have now, and the White House is praising it.

In many ways, a new survey from The Washington Post on how “transgender” people understand themselves demonstrates how artificial this idea is. They admit their “survey finds that trans adults hold widely different ideas about what it means to transition.”

This affirms what the American Psychiatric Association holds, that “transgender” is an “umbrella term” for many different non-specific things. And some of these things are contradictory.

The Post survey reveals that most adults (62%) who march under the banner “trans” or “transgender” prefer the terms “nonbinary” or “gender non-confirming.”  Only 22 percent say they are specifically a “trans woman.” Just 12 percent choose the term “trans man” to describe themselves.

Yes, The Washington Post is demonstrating that how transgender people see themselves is very different than what most of us have been told it is.

Of course, no one can actually change their sex/gender and the Post survey reveals only 16 percent of people claiming to be transgender have undergone any surgery to authenticate their supposed transition. This means that more than 84 percent of so-called “trans women” have full male genitalia and “trans men” have female genitalia. And nearly a quarter of such people admit they have done nothing to change their clothing or hair/grooming style to reflect their new identity.

These responses contradict the general assumption that being “trans” is someone who has actually transitioned from male to female or female to male because they believe that is their “authentic self.”

But there are even more serious challenges to this assumption from The Washington Post data.

Majority Are Only Part-time “Trans”

Remarkably, only 30% of people who identify as “trans” present that way to others consistently. The overwhelming majority (70%) present as their assumed gender only part-time. This fact is demonstrated in the following graph.

This certainly challenges the widespread assumption that being “trans” is what people actually or naturally are. All of this data, stemming from self-reporting from trans-identified people themselves, shows us that what we have been told “being trans” is, and what all of us must fully respect and embrace, is quite different than the story we have been sold.

You clearly have very good reason to be deeply suspicious of this whole ideology. And it seems like more honest visibility, as The Washington Post has helpfully provided through this revealing data, is indeed what we need more of.

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