Ending the W.E.F. | Public Occurrences, Ep. 100 – Michael O’Fallon

This past weekend, I participated in TPUSA’s “Defeating the Great Reset” conference in Phoenix, AZ. Steve Bannon, Jack Posobeic, my colleague James Lindsay and our host, Charlie Kirk, joined me at the conference.

Throughout the conference, we spoke about *what* the World Economic Forum (WEF) is, how it operates and what it does. Each man had his prescription for defeating the Great Reset (or at least the effects thereof) and our pathway to regain national sovereignty under the constitution.

But one thing is very clear: to defeat the Great Reset we must as well end the WEF. The WEF stands at the center of creating a corporatist state whose tentacles have reached far into education, economics, industry, human flourishing and faith. The WEF has provided the Rousseauean pillars by which to build a dialectical operational system meant to replace our reliable systems of capitalism and governance.

In this episode, I examine the actual functioning of how the WEF is eliminating small and medium-sized businesses and how we can reverse the systemic disassembling of our civilization.

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