Christianity and Politics: Can They Really Be Separate Issues?

I’ve always admired J. Warner Wallace’s approach to discernment concerning sharing political beliefs in ministry. My political beliefs are my opinion because I vote on who is going to protect God’s commands. When we allow any leader to go against what God says it creates a way for the enemy to gain a stronghold on our morals which will dictate our life.

I’m opposed to any leader who directly violates major issues that God has made clear. Although our government can pass a law that makes it legal to perform an abortion or help a person die because they are sick, it doesn’t mean we should take part in these things. We also must look at the motives behind a decision like making all abortions legal or allowing men to become women and vice versa. If it’s legal to kill an unborn baby or a old person what will be the boundary? Will it soon become legal to kill a child because you don’t like the way they spoke to you or used a different gender pronoun that you deem acceptable? It sounds like a far fetched idea but this is the world we live in. Wrong and right choices are being redefined to suit a persons feelings. Just look at how the word “truth” has changed over the years. When I was growing up absolute truth was acknowledged and respected but today we are telling kids there isn’t an absolute truth because it might offend someone else.

We are quick to tell kids not to talk about the KKK but are encouraging them to respect BLM and ANTIFA as respectable organizations designed to end racism. Kids are being taught it’s okay to study eastern religions and even incorporate it into our public school systems but it’s not okay to talk about Christianity because again, we may offend someone. I encourage teaching kids about religions but in my experience the only religions taught in public schools these days are new age or eastern religions that don’t make absolute truth claims.

As Christians and Americans we must start speaking boldly about our beliefs even if it’s seen as hateful because the main stream media and a majority of liberals are going to call us bigoted, self-righteous, hateful people if we disagree about anything with them. It’s a double standard that will only continue to get worse until we are fed up enough to do something about it. It’s not too late to start speaking up about our beliefs but we must start before we get so far when christian persecution is an accepted practice. Christian persecution is happening all over the world so we shouldn’t be so blind as to think it will never happen in America.

We, the people, have the power to change things but it takes a willingness to be bold and go against the current culture. We must remember what the disciples went through and even men like Paul who died for their faith. It’s not going to be easy but the Lord never promised us a smooth or easy life. If Jesus Christ, the son of God was crucified what do you think they will do to us?

We all will have to make sacrifices and in 2020 like many of you, I had to make several. One of which is leaving my home church. The staff were so worried about not offending anyone that they said issues like abortion was a political issue and not a Christian issue so they wouldn’t ever address it. That was my first wake up call but it wasn’t the last. After that I saw a once bold, biblically based church going soft and accepting new age ideas because they wanted to appear approachable and loving. What isn’t loving is lying to people about what Jesus said or how he showed love. Then I saw my church preach less on the scriptures and more on our feelings and emotions. I saw the youth group having a great pizza party with fun games but not much else. Unfortunately what I saw was a social network and not a church. They were robots who raised their hands during worship music, greeted people and smiled, then walked away until next Sunday where they would do the same thing again.

We need more truth in our world, not less. Today I want to encourage you to stand firm in your faith and be apart of a group of Christians that desire more of the Bible, not less. I encourage you to re-evaluate where you are at your church, your work, and your family life. We all need a Christian community so please remember that as you re-evaluate your life. We cannot keep doing the same things and expect things to change, the last time I checked that is the definition of insanity.

America is called the home of the free only because there were people willing to be brave.

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