Focus on the Family to Buy Time for See Life 2020 Ad on Pro-Abortion Channel CNN

Focus on the Family is planning to purchase ad time from CNN for the powerful pro-life video “Will I?” which is part of the campaign for the See Life 2020 event on September 26, at 8:00 p.m. EST.

CNN at one time was considered the news channel for breaking, unbiased coverage, but that reputation has taken a bit of a hit in recent years. The channel has seemingly fully embraced its liberal bias, especially on shows like Don Lemon’s CNN Tonight with Don Lemon and Cuomo Prime Time with Chris Cuomo. But that won’t stop Focus on the Family from sharing the pro-life message through ad shares on the programs.

“We really want to raise awareness about See Life Clearly, and CNN is a great place to do that,” Focus on the Family president Jim Daly said. “The pro-life movement is one that really transcends politics, and ‘Will I?’ has already encouraged people across the country to take a stand for life. Hopefully, it can do the same on CNN.”

The “Will I?” video features a young girl speaking and asking the fundamental question, will she be allowed to live, grow and experience the joys of life or will she become a victim of the abortion industry. It’s part of the See Life 2020 event, which features a variety of pro-life speakers, musicians and a 4D ultrasound.

The event is a follow up to the Alive from New York event in 2019, where a 4D ultrasound was shown in Times Square in New York City. Though there were pro-abortion protestors present, one of the most trafficked areas in the entire world seemingly fell silent as that preborn baby appeared live for the first time on the screens set up around the square.

“It was awesome,” Daly said in a retrospective after the event. “You know, being on the stage with 20,000 people out there, you didn’t hear anybody talking. It was so amazing. The quietness and everybody looking at the screens going, “Wow!” And then, you know, that heartbeat, and that gripped everybody. Tears, uh, even the protesters, there was just nothing when you heard the heartbeat of the child, and I think it sent the most powerful message of all.”

Ironically, if the ad time is purchased as planned, the “Will I?” video will feature on at least one show where the host has publicly proclaimed his pro-abortion views.

In interview with Glamour magazine, Cuomo said, “We can’t just sit on the sidelines while women work to protect reproductive rights. If men support a woman’s right to choose, they need to get up and support it. I say that as a husband, a man of faith, and especially as a parent blessed with two daughters and a son.”

Cuomo even famously defended Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s infanticide comments made in an interview last year. He also aggressively interviewed David Daleiden over his undercover videos in 2015 in order to discredit his work.

Though a cursory Google search doesn’t turn up a specific time Lemon mentioned his stance on abortion, he is an avowed liberal and his show has played host to the pro-abortion ad placed by the ACLU called the #YouKnowMe campaign.  

Watch the See Life 2020 trailer here.

Photo from Focus on the Family


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