How Do I Care for Those with Dementia? – John Dunlop

In the second episode of TGC Q&A’s Christians and Healthcare series, John Dunlop answers the question, “How do I care for those with dementia?” He addresses:

  • What is the hardest part about the effects of dementia? (0:45)
  • Challenges and hope for those who face dementia and their loved ones (1:19)
  • God’s purposes in dementia (3:39)
  • How do we differentiate between worsening dementia and the effects of polypharmacy? (6:33)
  • How can believers have a biblical perspective on modern medicine? (9:28)
  • “God heals; the physician collects the fee.” (12:35)
  • How does someone “finish their race” well, with dignity, and to the glory of God? (14:14)

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