We Have a Better Story –

What’s most important about humanity never changes:

  • We’re made in the image of God and separated from our Creator by our sin.
  • We need a Savior lest we fall under God’s judgment.

It doesn’t matter where you travel or what time period you study, this story doesn’t change. But every culture around the world and across the ages highlights some aspects of this story and ignores others. It’s the work of cultural apologetics to discern and explain these changes for Christians seeking to walk faithfully and teach effectively across varied contexts.

One of the best cultural apologists I know is Josh Chatraw, author most recently of Telling a Better Story: How to Talk about God in a Skeptical Age, published by Zondervan. Josh serves as executive director of the Center for Public Christianity and as theologian in residence at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. He’s also co-author of Apologetics at the Cross and co-editor of The History of Apologetics. Josh is one of my go-to sources on book recommendations and just overall insight on how to follow Christ in this secular age. It’s a pleasure to welcome him on Gospelbound and discuss the better story, late-modern apologetics—and my greatest current fear.



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