The Molecular Biology of Coronaviruses — Livestream Presentation Thursday

I will discuss the distinctive aspects of coronaviruses specifically, and review the outbreaks that have been caused by this family of viruses. Source Read More Evolution News

For Mankind, the Leap from Copper to Iron Was a Landmark Advance

The importance of metals, particularly iron, and the importance of the discovery of metallurgy can hardly be exaggerated. Source Read More Evolution News

Memory Purge: Eugenicist Margaret Sanger Gets Canceled by Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood seeks a way to quiet a controversy without searching its own soul. Source Read More Evolution News

In Cells and Whole Organisms, Repair Mechanisms Imply Foresight, Not Evolution

It takes foresight to make complex tools and procedures that can restore the functions of other tools. A blind process can only see the immediate present. Source Read More Evolution…

Fire and Metals — Primal Discoveries, by Design

The ability to tame fire led to the invention of the art of cooking, and much more. Source Read More Evolution News

Censors Claim Teachers “Advocate Evolution” More Now Than in 2007 — Don’t Believe It

How likely are biology teachers with doubts about Darwinism to participate in a survey by an organization instrumental in attacking Darwin-doubting teachers? Source Read More Evolution News

Totalitarianism Is Darwinism Applied to Politics

Atomization is the radical isolation of each individual from every other individual. Atomization breaks the bonds that hold society in its traditional shape. Source Read More Evolution News

Strickberger’s Evolution Textbook Promotes False Evolutionary Icons

From crippled fruit flies we move to perhaps the most pervasive icon of them all, the peppered moth. Source Read More Evolution News

Humans Were Designed to Harness Fire

Of all the discoveries made on mankind’s long march to civilization, there was one primal discovery that made the realization of all else possible. Source Read More Evolution News

Copernican Revolution Promoted Man’s Place in the Cosmos

In Copernicus’ day, the Earth was thought to be at the bottom of the universe, the “sump” where all the filth collected. Source Read More Evolution News

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