Why Would a GOOD God Create People He Knew Would Go to Hell? Plus More Q&A

If God knew that millions or billions of people would not only sin, but in the end reject Him and therefore spend eternity in Hell, why would He create mankind in the first place? In other words, why would God create people He knew would go to Hell? Wouldn’t a “good” God create a universe where EVERYONE believes?

This week, Frank responds to these and other listener questions surrounding various topics like conversational prayer, the fear of sharing your faith, and how to reconcile God’s foreknowledge with our free will. He’ll also address the assertion from some atheists and skeptics that theists must provide “extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims”, even though they don’t hold themselves to the same (totally illogical) standards! You’ll also learn:

Can God force free creatures to love Him?
How have non-Christians like Richard Dawkins and Jordan Peterson led people to Christ?
Should Christians always expect divine revelation during prayer?
What’s a simple way to engage in theological conversations when you’re fearful?
Why (and how) should Christians defend the faith in Corporate America?


Later in the podcast, Frank shares some practical advice on how to combat wokism in the workplace. He’ll also briefly unpack a shocking event that transpired when a concerned mom encountered a man identifying as transgender in the women’s locker room at her local Planet Fitness. If you’ve ever been challenged in any of the areas highlighted in this week’s midweek podcast, Frank will offer a helpful list of additional resources that are relevant to each of the topics discussed, so be sure to check our list of helpful links below!

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Resources mentioned during the episode:

BOOK: Chosen But Free by Norman Geisler

BOOK: Coming to Faith Through Dawkins by Denis Alexander and Alister McGrath

ARTICLE: Does God Whisper? – Part 1 by Greg Koukl

ARTICLE: Does God Whisper – Part 2 by Greg Koukl

BOOK: Decision Making and the Will of God by Garry Frieson and J. Robin Maxson

ARTICLE: Sex at Work – by Frank Turek

BOOK: Correct, Not Politically Correct – by Frank Turek

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