How to Evangelize Muslims | with Dr. Brady Blevins

What are the major “Do’s and Don’ts” of witnessing to Muslims? On last week’s podcast, Dr. Brady Blevins from Watchman Fellowship gave listeners some great advice on how to have effective faith conversations with Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses. This week, Brady returns to the program to discuss how Christians can effectively engage in conversations with Muslims about Jesus and the Bible in a way that feels natural and how researching their (sometimes difficult!) questions has helped him understand proper theology. He and Frank answer questions like:

What exactly does “cult” mean and what are the 4 characteristics of a cult?
What do Muslims generally believe and what makes them different from Christians?
What is the Quranic Dilemma?
How should you respond when a Muslim says that the Bible is corrupt?
What are some predominant characteristics of the culture that can help you be a better and more effective communicator with Muslims?

As you’ll learn in this episode, effective evangelism is a lot more about gardening than it is about harvesting. Our job is to be obedient ambassadors for Christ by interacting positively with the people He puts on our path (or on our doorstep!) and letting Him handle the rest. You’ll also discover that there is no one better to help us on this mission of interfaith apologetics than Brady, as he shares stories from many of the fascinating conversations he’s had with his Muslim friends over the past 10-15 years!

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Resources mentioned during the podcast:

Watchman Fellowship

Conversations with the Faiths‘ – PREMIUM COURSE

Conversations with Muslims‘ – SELF-PACED COURSE

Conversations with Mormons‘ – SELF-PACED COURSE

Conversations with JWs‘ – SELF-PACED COURSE

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