Where Did Gender Ideology Come From? | with Dr. Jay Richards

Is gender ideology (a form of cultural Marxism) actually about saving “trans” kids, or is there an underlying sinister motive behind it? Somehow this specific brand of critical theory has managed to make its way into public schools, pediatric medicine, and now the White House of all places! But is there anything that Christians, conservatives, and concerned citizens can do about it?

During this week’s podcast episode, Dr. Jay Richards, Senior Research Fellow and Director of the DeVos Center for Life, Religion, and Family at The Heritage Foundation, Senior Research Fellow at the Discovery Institute, and Executive Editor of The Stream, joins Frank at the recent SES Steadfast conference to discuss the history of gender ideology and how it’s contributing to the crippling of Western society as we know it. During this podcast episode, Jay and Frank will answer questions like:

How is compassion being weaponized against Christians?
How do we know for certain that sex is binary?
Why is it imperative that state and federal laws define biological gender?
What are the implications if gender ideology is legalized?
Is there a connection between Gnosticism and gender ideology?
What is the ultimate goal of gender ideology and critical theorists?


Critical theories like gender ideology and CRT have proved time and time again to be cultural wrecking balls that reject reason. If non-Christians like Bill Maher, Dave Rubin, and Richard Dawkins are emboldened to speak out against this madness, what’s our excuse as Christians? This eye-opening podcast episode will expose the dire need for the Church to SPEAK UP and the inevitable consequences to follow if gender ideology ever takes over.

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Connect with Dr. Jay Richards

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrJayRichards

The Heritage Foundation: https://www.heritage.org/staff/jay-w-richards-phd

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