Hamas vs. Israel: It’s NOT About Land!

Was Hamas’ most recent barbaric treatment of the Israelis just the result of an age-old land dispute? That’s exactly what radical leftist groups like Black Lives Matter want you to believe, but they couldn’t be more wrong! What if this horrific massacre against innocent civilians by Hamas is giving us a glimpse into the true heart of Islam and the overall worldview of the Middle East?

In this midweek podcast episode, Frank confronts many of the myths being spread about the Israeli/Palestinian war(s) with a little help from Ben Shapiro’s most recent responses on YouTube. If the war isn’t actually about a land grab, then what’s REALLY behind such relentless Muslim aggression towards the people of Israel? Frank will address this issue and also touch on questions like:

What are 4 FALSE claims being made about the land in Israel?
How do we know this is NOT about land? (See the Qur’an, Islamic history and the Hamas charter!)
Did Jesus affirm the death penalty?
How did Christianity impact the rules of war in modern society?
Why shouldn’t we refer to members of Hamas as “animals”?


The Jews love life, while Hamas boasts in their love for death. Many of us don’t want to believe that people are so barbaric that they will brutally murder babies in their cribs and torture defenseless civilians. We don’t want to believe that this isn’t just a land squabble. As you’ll find out in this podcast episode, this so-called land squabble and “fight for freedom” is nothing more than a form of propaganda being used to incite worldwide antisemitism. As the details continue to unfold, remember to pray for peace in Israel and for the salvation of everyone, including those who want to see Israel’s demise.

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Resources mentioned during the episode:

Ben Shapiro’s video: https://bit.ly/46SWkGd

Palestinian Authority article: https://palwatch.org/page/34650

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