How to Make Disciples in the 21st Century | with Allen Parr

Are you possibly underestimating your ability to go out and make disciples? Imagine if every Christian invested in the spiritual growth of just one other person. How could that affect our local churches, local communities, and ultimately the spreading of the Gospel?

In this midweek podcast episode, popular Christian influencer and author of the new book ‘Misled‘, Allen Parr, sits down with Frank at the 2023 CIA conference to share how he went from being a part-time math tutor to growing a massive ministry platform on YouTube. Frank and Allen also talk about the issues of spiritual immaturity and the lack of discipleship within our churches, touching on questions like:

What are some practical ways to begin making disciples?
How did discipleship save Allen from making a MAJOR mistake in life?
Why has discipleship historically been so difficult within the church?
What process does Allen go through to choose video topics and create engaging content?
How did creating LESS videos content each month impact his channel for the better?


With more than a million subscribers on his YouTube channel, ‘The B.E.A.T.’, Allen has mastered the art of communicating the Gospel online through humor, hot topics, conciseness, and most importantly, sound doctrine. But as you’ll hear throughout the episode, it doesn’t take a huge platform to make a huge difference in someone else’s life. Sometimes it just takes a willingness to fulfill the Great Commission by doing something as simple as making a phone call or meeting someone for coffee.

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