Where is the Real Mount Sinai? (The Journey Continues) | with Tim Mahoney

More than a dozen sites have been proposed for the true location of Mount Sinai. But does any one of them show more promise than the others? That’s exactly what award-winning investigative filmmaker Timothy Mahoney has been researching for over 20 years!

This week, Frank catches up with Tim to discuss his exciting new film release, ‘Patterns of Evidence: Journey to Mount Sinai: Part 2′ where Tim continues his investigation of the six most popular locations proposed for Mount Sinai in an effort to pinpoint the mountain’s true location.

Debuting in theaters on Monday (5/15) and Wednesday (5/17), Part 2 of the film brings even more jaw dropping evidence to the surface, pointing to what Tim believes to be a more accurate placement of this well-known mountain. The film will also explore new discoveries, never before seen by most audiences, including a massive split rock and a mysterious graveyard the size of 12-13 football fields! And just like in Part 1, viewers will have the opportunity to complete their own scorecard using the evidence provided in the second installment so you can determine for yourself which location makes the most sense!

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Tim’s website: https://patternsofevidence.com/

Movie + ticket information: https://bit.ly/3LZi9uH

Download scorecard: https://bit.ly/3g9yeSz


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