How Should We Read the Book of Genesis? | with Dr. John Walton

Just when you thought there was nothing new to be said about the Book of Genesis, Dr. John Walton shows up! Dr. Walton is an Old Testament scholar and Professor at Wheaton College and has written many books on the Old Testament and its ancient Near Eastern background, including a commentary on Genesis, and his popular Lost World series.

In this midweek podcast episode, he sits down with Frank to discuss why being faithful to the context lies at the heart of our understanding of what the Bible communicates to us about God as our creator. In other words, we need to stop viewing it through a modern lens and placing our cultural expectations on it–demanding it to answer questions it was never intended to address.

Some of the ideas and questions they discuss include:

What is a cultural river and why is it important?
What kind of story is Genesis 1?
What did the ancient Israelites think about the material world?
The Egyptian creation story vs. the Bible
What does it really mean to read the Bible literally?
What’s up with the Nephilim?
Was there a global or localized flood?


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Resources mentioned during the show:

The Lost World of Genesis One:

Wisdom for Faithful Reading:

Old Testament Theology for Christians:

Dr. John Walton at Wheaton College:

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