The Purposed Deconstruction of Religion | Michael O’Fallon – Administrator

It should be noted that since the beginning of time that as soon as a tyrant takes control of a nation, region, or civilization they will demand a few things:


In this transition to new “systems” each of these pillars of the previous civilization will need to be reborn or “reset” in the conquering of people. 

In our current age, our nation and culture are being deconstructed by those that would seek to create a cultural revolution within our nation, subversively, and replace that once great nation with a hyperreal new social contract. This new social contract will re-imagine human liberty, economics, mobility, family and faith. 

Faith is the bedrock on which many in our nation have built and framed their lives. But just like every other pillar of our nation, faith is being deconstructed and reconstructed by the same Marxian actors that have envisioned the enviro-communo-fascist state. Sadly, many of those trusted to guard our institutions of faith have been lured into the false promises of the societal reconstructionists. Leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention, the Presbyterian Church in America, Pentecostals, Roman Catholics and others have been brought into the schemes and strategies to “reset” our world. 

Join Michael O’Fallon as he explores the “how” of our arriving at this troubling time of treachery and evil.

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