Columns from Tabletalk Magazine, August 2021

The August issue of Tabletalk looks at the importance of Christian theology and the impact of Ligonier Ministries under the theme of Right Now Counts Forever. That was the title of Dr. R.C. Sproul’s monthly column in Tabletalk magazine for more than forty years. In it, Dr. Sproul reminded readers of the eternal consequences of their views about God and the world, stressing that if nothing is of ultimate and eternal worth, then the things we do in the here and now have no meaning. This basic theme has driven the work of Ligonier Ministries, which celebrates its fiftieth anniversary in August 2021. In this anniversary year, it is appropriate to look at the eternal impact of our theology and to examine Ligonier’s role and purpose in helping people understand that right now truly does count forever. This issue of Tabletalk stresses the ongoing importance of sound theology in the life of every Christian and will consider how Ligonier’s theological mission has not changed but, Lord willing, will continue for years to come.

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“Helping People Know God” by Burk Parsons
“Theology, Theology, Theology: Why Ligonier?” by Chris Larson
“What Is Our Theology?” by Sinclair Ferguson
“Theology and the Church” by W. Robert Godfrey
“Theology and Everyday Life” by Derek Thomas
“Theology for the Glory of God” by Steven Lawson
“Love for Jesus” by Robert Rothwell
“For the Old Church in the New Dark Age” by Aaron Garriott
“An Honest Witness” by Kevin Gardner
“The History of Ligonier Ministries” by Stephen Nichols

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