Democrats Eating Their Own? Cecile Richards, Eva Longoria and Others Bow to the Mob

The liberal left is well-known for attacking anything and anyone that disagrees with it on subjects ranging from LGBT issues to abortion and others. Usually those criticisms and attacks are aimed at the opposite party, but increasingly it’s been leveled and weaponized against their own.

Cecile Richards was the president of Planned Parenthood for over a decade, and likely remains its most effective leader. She championed Obamacare, which saw her organization gain hundreds of millions in Medicaid reimbursements, and successfully defended Planned Parenthood against the undercover videos shot by David Daleiden.

Throughout her tenure, and afterward, Richards has been a darling of the left and is rarely, if ever, responds to criticism by the pro-life movement.

So, it comes as somewhat of a shock that Richards removed a Twitter post, which said, “Excited for all the babies this year who will be named Kamala!

Of course, Richards received a lot of criticism for the post from Republicans and pro-life activists, but that’s never stopped her from sharing other pro-abortion messages before. It’s doubtful that it would move her now. Seemingly, it’s likely that someone from the left told her to take it down. Otherwise, she had no reason to do it.

There’s also Eva Longoria, who hosted one night of the Democrat National Convention. She came under fire after an MSNBC interview where she said, “The women of color showed up in big ways. Of course, you saw in Georgia what Black women have done but Latina women were the real heroines here, beating men in turnout in every state and voting Biden-Harris at an average rate of close to 3 to 1. And that wasn’t surprising to us.”

Her rather innocuous comments were taken by the mob as a slight against African American women, even though she clearly is talking about Latina women showing up in greater numbers than Latino men.

In response to the criticism, Longoria wrote, “When I said that Latinas were heroines in this election, I simply meant that they turned out in greater numbers and voted more progressively than LATINO MEN. My wording was not clear and I deeply regret that, There is such a history in our community of anti-Blackness in our community and I would never want to contribute to that, so let me be very clear: Black women have long been the backbone of the Democratic Party, something we have seen played out in this election as well as previous ones.”

Her apology was entirely unnecessary

There are numerous other examples as well.

Earlier this year, Terry Crews, who hosts America’s Got Talent (AGT) and stars in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, was criticized for not supporting Gabrielle Union’s accusations of racism on AGT. When asked about her claims, Crews simply explained that he never experienced racism on the show. Currently, he’s made three apologies over this supposed slight

Rap star Snoop Dog received flack for attacking journalist Gayle King after she questioned WNBA star Lisa Leslie about Koby Bryant’s 2003 sexual assault case. The rapper threatened King, saying, “Back off b—-, before we come get you.” He apologized.

Singer Lana Del Rey was another celebrity who landed in hot water when she shared videos showing criminals looting and revealed demonstrator’s faces during Black Lives Matters protests earlier this year.

Kehlani, who is also a singer, told Del Rey, “Please remove your Instagram post it’s dangerous as f— and a very poor choice of moments to post. By all means protest, but DO NOT endanger people with your very massive platform. Oh, and turn your f—in comments on man.”

So, it’s okay to show protests, but not when they devolve into criminal activity such as looting because that could lead to potential criminal prosecutions. That’s an interesting way to cover up crimes and call it justice. Del Rey removed the posts.

Anymore, it seems like just sneezing the wrong way could result in a crackdown by the social media mob. Even those within their own party are not exempt from the outrage, regardless of how trivial the offense or how it’s taken out of context. They must follow the prescribed guidelines, which seemingly change on a whim, or face the wrath of the faceless, nameless social media mob.


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