Lots of Enthusiasm for Kamala Harris as Vice President, Little for Joe Biden as President

Former Vice President Joe Biden is likely to become the next president of the United States. It’s a culmination of decades of a political career and a great personal and professional achievement. Unfortunately for Biden, no one seems all that interested in him or his administration. In fact, seemingly most, if not all, of the excitement is aimed towards the first potential female vice president, Kamala Harris.

A bakery in Pennsylvania holds a contest every four years, making presidential cookies with the Republican and Democrat candidate’s name on it to see who is most likely to become the leader of the Executive Branch. The public has been right three times in a row, except for this year. Despite winning the cookie contest by 27,903 to 5,114 (11/1), Donald Trump has seemingly failed to win a second term.

Regardless of how the election actually turns out after the recounts, there’s no doubt that there is an enormous amount of enthusiasm for Trump, his policies and his administration. Biden, not so much. If the cookie had said “Kamala Harris,” would the unofficial sweet treat poll have had a different result? Maybe.

It seems like many voted for the former vice president due to their extreme dislike for Trump, not really because they were specifically excited about Joe Biden becoming president. As one article put it, most just believed that Biden is a “decent man.” A compliment for sure, but not a rousing endorsement.

He is an elderly white man after all, a no-no in the liberal, woke and progressive world, and, as a career politician, he is hardly newsworthy or noteworthy. The celebrations that broke out in major cities across the U.S. this weekend, I would argue, are simply more anti-Trump, not really pro-Biden.

Instead, the enthusiasm by the leftist media and most of the general public is reserved for Harris, who will, if she is sworn in, become the first female vice president and woman of color to hold the position.

No doubt, it is quite historic. However, it also raises some interesting questions about what it means for the Biden administration.

Cecile Richards, the former president of Planned Parenthood, seems to have reserved most of her praise for Harris on the “win” and didn’t mention Biden.

“Excited for all the babies this year who will be named Kamala!” Richards wrote on her personal Twitter account.

Jorge Silva, deputy chief of staff for Jacky Rosen, posted on Twitter, “How amazing to have Vice President-elect Kamala Harris speak before President-elect Joe Biden. My daughter is watching, and she will know that she can be anything she wants to be, including Vice President.

California State Assembly Woman Buffy Wicks stated her support for the likely vice president-elect, “As Kamala has stood on the shoulders of giants before her, so too shall generations of women to come. Here’s to all our little girls.”

And also, “Tears streaming down my face right now watching Vice President-elect Kamala Harris speech with my daughter. Kamala said ‘to all the little girls out there…’ and Jojo said ‘she’s talking to me!’ I can’t express how emotional this all makes me.

According to NPR, African American sorority and fraternity groups, of whom Harris was once a member, also turned out in great numbers to support the potential vice president-elect, manning phone banks, registering people to vote and “encouraged, coaxed and nagged people to turn their ballots in.”

In comparison, Biden received only two mentions, which consisted of the “Biden-Harris ticket” and “the Biden organization.”

Harris, in this crowd, is a clear favorite and more exciting and interesting than the man who will actually be running the country and making policy.

Seemingly the most exciting and interesting news that the media can find about Biden and his return to the West Wing is that he will have the first rescue dog in the White House. Riveting stuff.

It’s likely that many are excited for Harris because of her potential as a trojan horse for the radical progressive agenda. Biden will be the oldest president sworn into office at 78. During the campaign, Biden made several notable and “senior” gaffes, including introducing his granddaughter as his deceased son Beau “who a lot of you helped elect to the Senate in Delaware.” Beau was never a Senator.

It’s easy to see how a Biden administration could become the Harris administration and why there is so much excitement for her appointment.


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