Why Apologetics?

Socrates said it best when he stated,

The unexamined life is not worth living.

Scripture tells us that we must be ready to give a response or defense as to why we hold to the hope we have in Christ (1 Peter 3:15).

The word apologetics comes from the Greek word Apologia, which translates to ‘give a defense.’ There are more than 80 verses in the Bible about defending the faith which we have covered in other articles.

As Christians we are called to live boldly for God and that means speaking boldly about him. While there are different aspects to apologetics such as science, moral reasoning, philosophy, etc. it all points to the truth. It is our duty to speak his truth and it is his job to soften the hearts and minds of the people we speak to.

-When we speak about the hope of Jesus especially when an unbeliever questions our faith, you are acting as an Apologist.

-When you share your testimony of how the Lord saved you, you’re are acting as an Apologist.

-When you present evidence for the existence of God as the divine creator of life or talk about historical facts about Jesus’ life and resurrection, you are acting as an Apologist.

-When you are evangelizing, you are acting as an Apologist.

Most likely you have been defending the faith and using Apologetics without realizing it. Christian Defending is crucial to Christianity because it explains life. Your reasoning with others won’t always mean that they will see this hope immediately. Your job as a Christian is only to speak boldly about this hope and trust that the Holy Spirit will open the eyes and hearts of those you are talking with.

By learning about Apologetics and defending the faith through reading the bible and conducting your own research of historical and scientific facts you can be better equipped as Christians to reach the lost and to strengthen your own faith.

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