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The phrase “defund the police” has echoed throughout our nation’s politicians’ chambers, committee meetings, and town halls. Vague solutions have been offered by progressive politicians while swift defunding of law enforcement has been executed without significant debate in major metropolitan areas across our nation. 

How is it that major metropolitan areas can make such sweeping, total, and complete changes to organizational systems without spirited debate over “what comes next” that will protect citizen’s rights under our laws as established by the constitution? How is it that Mayors and city councils across our great nation can make such sweeping and complete changes in such a short period?  

It is as if there was a plan already in place that was looking for an explosive and emotional event as the launching point for complete and total change to our “systems” in the United States.   

In fact, there have been systems and plans that have been created and even implemented in other areas of our world, in particular, in nations that are without strong constitutions that protect their citizens. 

In today’s The Causes of Things, Michael O’Fallon will explore the fertile fallacies in place to create sweeping change to our constitutional republic.

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