Poaching Eggs: Getting Back to Work

Poaching Eggs: Getting Back to Work

by Greg West

On June 10, 2010, I launched the website, The Poached Egg (TPE), which to my knowledge, is still the only major website of its kind—an aggregator with a focus on Christian apologetics and related topics (e.g. Christian worldview, discipleship, evangelism, current events, etc.). What is an aggregator you ask? In the context of TPE, an aggregator is: “A website or program that collects related items of content and displays them or links to them.” In the last ten years I’ve posted over 10,000 articles and links with a goal of helping Christians learn apologetics to encourage them in their faith, to help disciple others, and how to use it in relation to evangelism. TPE is also an invaluable resource for sincere spiritual seekers and also answers objections and critics of Christianity, of which there is definitely no shortage of today.

In 2014, by partnering with a parent ministry, I was enabled to run TPE as a full-time supported missionary until late summer of 2019, but unfortunately, after a significant decline in financial support, I had no choice but to return to my previous job to make ends meet in supporting my family and myself, and with that, the amount of time I’m able to devote to running TPE took a major hit. The fact is, is that the more time I’m able to devote to running TPE, the larger its reach becomes. I’m always happy to do ministry tent-maker style, posting new articles as I can and sharing those and other articles from our extensive archives on our social media pages, but with a nearly full-time job and family obligations, there is just too much to do and the work is just not getting done as it could be and should be.

As we celebrate TPE’s tenth anniversary this month, would you prayerfully consider helping me get back to work on TPE full time by becoming a monthly supporter of this ministry? My current monthly support is between $400 and $500. Five times that amount is needed to get me back to work on TPE full-time. If only 250 people were to become monthly supporters at $10 or more a month, TPE would once again become a full-time ministry. Our current readership is at about 14,000 to 15,000 visitors a month, with roughly 25% of those being new visitors to TPE. Being able to devote myself to TPE full-time would easily double that readership almost instantly. Here are a few short testimonials from some of our readers:

“I was at a crisis point in my faith–did I really believe what I said I did? Why? When I couldn’t answer those questions I was terrified. In my desperation, I began to search for answers, and I came across The Poached Egg. I was relieved to find a whole DISCIPLINE of Christian ministry that welcomed The Big Questions…and set about to answering them not just from the Bible, but from logic and extra-biblical evidence.”

“I am a pastor, and I have found apologetics to be biblical, helpful to my own faith, helpful in evangelism, and equipping the members of my church. The study of apologetics also sharpens my mind and shapes my Christian worldview. I like The Poached Egg because of the interesting posts I can see in my Facebook news feed, as well as links to books I may not have heard of. Sometimes I have more time to read these posts than others, but I appreciate being able to see them every day.”

“As I’ve recently become more interested in learning about apologetics and backing my faith, the Poached Egg has been an incredibly useful resource in learning more about what I believe.”
“Several years ago, my intellectual and emotional doubts were moving me away from believing the Christianity is true. God brought several apologists into my life who helped me answer my questions. Today I am more convinced of the truths of God’s existence and Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection than ever in my life. The Poached Egg has introduced me to many others who share a similar testimony and who use their experience to further the Kingdom.”

“[The Poached Egg] was a Godsend years ago and to attempt to express how and why would fail to convey the love of Christ I felt with this website. It was the life raft Christ gave when nothing else was there to help. Thanks and many blessings!!!”

You might also be interested in what prominent apologist author and speaker J Warner Wallace has to say about TPE here (a post he wrote in honor of our 5th anniversary back in 2015).

I know that 2020 has been a difficult year emotionally, financially, and spiritually for the majority of us, but now is the time more than ever to keep the Gospel moving forward. Will you help us do that by donating today?


Greg West

Founder and editor of The Poached Egg (now in partnership with Engage 360 Ministries)

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