Preview: James Tour Asks Brian Miller About Ice, Entropy, and the Origin of Life

Dr. Tour wants to know: “This is the origin of life. How did that first living system form?” Source Read More Evolution News

A Physician Describes How Behe, and Intelligent Design, Changed His Mind

There’s no better tribute to the power of ideas than a changed mind. Erik Strandness is a physician in Spokane, WA, practicing neonatal medicine. Source Read More Evolution News

Behe: The Case for Intelligent Design Grows with Science

Evolution’s proper place of study has moved from gross anatomy and population genetics to biochemistry. Source Read More Evolution News

Excerpt: Darwinism and Design

Much of the difficulty here arises in the differing standards that different disciplines have for what constitutes an “explanation.” Source Read More Evolution News

Preview: James Tour, Brian Miller on the Origin of “Data Risk Management” in DNA

If computer scientists build systems like that, and life at the DNA level also incorporates them, for the very same reasons, that’s rather suggestive. Source Read More Evolution News

Life’s Origin — A “Mystery” Made Accessible

If you “listen to the experts,” or anyway some of the experts, cells are “little bags of garbage” and Miller-Urey is a “true simulation of prebiotic chemistry.” Source Read More…

Missing the Point: Codes Are Not Products of Physics

Elaborate schemes to explain the origin of the genetic code from the laws of physics and chemistry miss the whole point about codes. Source Read More Evolution News

Determinism: “An Irrational Rejection of Evidence”

German theoretical physicist Sabine Hossenfelder takes even human choices to be merely an illusory experience. Source Read More Evolution News

Intelligent Design Mugs? We’ve Got Them

For our biochemistry geeks, one mug contains both the periodic table of elements and a DNA-amino acids codon wheel. Source Read More Evolution News

Ixnay on the Ambriancay Plosionexhay

Shhh — don’t say it. The geological event, well, not “event,” as in something that happened about 541 million years ago…we don’t talk that way anymore. Source Read More Evolution…