There’s Implicit ID Research on COVID-19; What About Explicit?

The reason for the relative silence on the origin of COVID by explicit ID scientists is simple. Source Read More Evolution News

For Fire, Nature Obliges Us with Rapid Reflexes

One area where very fast nerve conduction is vital is vision, more specifically, in keeping the eyes fixed on some object in the field of vision while in motion. Source…

When Cosmos Brought Pantheist-Atheist Mythology into the Open

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What Intelligent Design Research on COVID-19 Would Look Like

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What if Our Muscles Were Less Powerful?

As every medical student comes to learn when first dissecting the human body at medical school, our limbs are almost entirely composed of muscles. Source Read More Evolution News

In Defiance of Evolution, Hierarchical Design Is Ubiquitous in Biology

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Intelligent Design and the “Transformative” Summer Seminar: A Student Reflects

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Appreciating the Design of Human Muscles

It is likely that no further improvement in muscle power can be achieved by increasing the density of packing of the myosin motors. Source Read More Evolution News

Darwinism Paved the Way to Our Perilous Cultural Moment

The year so far has delivered a stunning lesson in the fragility of freedom and of civilization. Source Read More Evolution News

For Fire and More, Humans Are Designed to Have Just the Right Strength

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