Amazon, Netflix, Twitter: ‘Dirty Dozen List’ names 12 businesses profiting off sexual exploitation during pandemic

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation unveiled its annual Dirty Dozen list, comprised of 12 businesses and entities that the organization says profit off sexually exploitative products. NCOSE has been…

Florida pastor loses home in fire after church; neighbors save baby goat and cat

A Florida pastor and his family lost their home to a fire that took most of their belongings Sunday but remained thankful as neighbors saved their pet cat and a…

Netflix releases trailer for its first-ever Christian musical ‘A Week Away’

The trailer of Netflix’s first original faith-based musical “A Week Away,” showcases the film’s redemptive theme wrapped in a teenage romance. Read More The Christian Post | RSS

Jameela Jamil says life is ‘million times better’ thanks to her abortion: Baby can ‘ruin everything’

Pro-life advocates are criticizing actress Jameela Jamil after she credited her abortion for making her life “a million times better” and asserting that a baby can “ruin everything” if a…

What Subduction Teaches About Intelligent Design

My PhD research was on the early plate tectonic history on earth. Plate tectonics involves the movement of plates on the surface of the earth. Source Read More Evolution News

Virginia to become first Southern state to abolish the death penalty: ‘ineffective and inhumane’

Virginia lawmakers on Monday voted to abolish the death penalty, making it the first Southern state to end capital punishment. The Christian Post | RSS Read More

The Law as Restrainer

Here’s an excerpt from The Law as Restrainer, Caleb Cangelosi’s contribution to the February issue of Tabletalk: I expect most of us have experienced it: we’re driving down a road…

The Dividing Line will be LIVE at 4:00pm EST

Read More Alpha and Omega Ministries

Family of 11-y-o boy who died trying to stay warm during Texas freeze sues power company for $100M

The family of a Texas boy who died while trying to stay warm inside their home after they lost power during a snowstorm a week ago is now suing the…

How the Miracles of Jesus are Unique – Sean McDowell

Aren’t the miracles of Jesus random, flippant, and borrowed from other sources? Sean looks closely at the Gospels and concludes that this objection fails. Read More Sean McDowell