Our Welcome to Heaven: Meeting the Great High Priest in Hebrews – Bobby Jamieson

ABSTRACT: The book of Hebrews presents Christ’s offering and intercession as two central features of his priestly work. Although some interpreters locate the offering of Christ solely at the cross,…

Have You Seen the Providence of God? – John Piper

Immersing ourselves in the ocean of God’s providence helps us to know him, fear him, trust him, and love him as we ought. Listen Now Read More Desiring God

Christ Is Always Stronger Than All: Ephesians 1:19–23, Part 2 – John Piper

Although real evils exist in this world, our King is seated far above them all. Watch Now Read More Desiring God

But Have You Prayed? – Marshall Segal

What hasn’t yet changed in your life because you haven’t started praying for it? Prayerlessness, of course, comes in varieties. Some almost never pray, proving that prayer is nothing more…

The Christmas We Didn’t Expect: Daily Devotions for Advent – David Mathis

These Advent reflections help us to lift our eyes to the wonder of the incarnation and worship the One who came to save us and make our futures certain. Learn…

God’s Providence in 2020 – John Piper

In January 2021, John Piper releases his newest book: a 750-page study of the all-embracing, all-pervasive providence of God. Listen Now Read More Desiring God

One Race United in Christ: How Justification Destroys Ethnic Division – Julius Kim

On the night of his betrayal and arrest, the eve of his crucifixion, Jesus uttered a sublime faith-filled prayer to his Father in heaven. In addition to covering transcendent topics,…

Giving Is the Greatest Wealth – Jon Bloom

If you want to become wealthy, there are certain things you must understand and certain things you must do. First, you must understand what kind of wealth you’re pursuing and…

Who Will Have Your Attention? Clinging to Christ in the Digital Age – Tony Reinke

In an era of endless screens and scrolling, everything competes for our attention. Unless Christ has captured our hearts, we’ll search for satisfaction in all the wrong places. Watch Now…

How Much Did It Take to Make You Believe? Ephesians 1:19–23, Part 1 – John Piper

The power God exerts toward us who believe is greater than any force imaginable. The fiercest tornadoes are but gentle breezes in comparison. Watch Now Read More Desiring God

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