Who Is the Man of Lawlessness? – John Piper

Paul teaches that Jesus will not return until “the man of lawlessness is revealed.” Who is this man of lawlessness? Listen Now Read More Desiring God

Tweeted To and Fro: Surviving a Distracted and Divided Age – Matt Smethurst

“We live in a divided age” is so self-evidently true that it’s frankly boring to write. Theories abound on how we got here; what’s undisputed is that we’re here. It…

Don’t Make Ministry a Pretext for Greed: 1 Thessalonians 2:5–8, Part 4 – John Piper

Ministers should not only keep their lives free from the love of money, but from the appearance that they love money. Watch Now Read More Desiring God

Learn, Go, Send, Pray: How Pastors Support Global Missions – F. Lionell Young III

Andrew Walls (1928–2021) has been called the “most important person you don’t know.”1 He was a Scottish scholar with an Oxford pedigree who devoted much of his life to serving…

Roe v. Wade Has Ended — Our Pro-Life Work Has Not – John Piper

The Christian pro-life cause goes far deeper than legislation. We aim not only to change laws and behavior, but to change hearts and eternities. Listen Now Read More Desiring God

‘In Faithfulness You Have Afflicted Me’ – Jon Bloom

The Bible’s most well-known and beloved declaration of God’s faithfulness might be Lamentations 3:22–23: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;      his mercies never come to an end; they…

Sustain Your Prayer Life with Sleep – John Piper

Satan will try to put us to sleep in prayer. And he does so, most commonly, by tricking us into staying up too late the night before. Listen Now Read…

Are Silvanus and Timothy Apostles? 1 Thessalonians 2:5–8, Part 3 – John Piper

Scripture uses the word “apostle” in two ways, a special way and a common one. Do you know what they are? Watch Now Read More Desiring God

Conceited Motherhood: Three Temptations Moms Face – Kristen Wetherell

A pyrophobic firefighter. A book-averse librarian. A doctor who is grossed out by germs. We shake our heads at the thought of these living, breathing oxymorons. If such workers exist…

A Wife No Man Would Want: Lessons from the Hardest Marriage – Marshall Segal

If there was a wedding, it had to be one of the most awkward ones in history. Plenty of marriages begin blissfully and then crash into misery years in (maybe…