Totalitarianism Is Darwinism Applied to Politics

Atomization is the radical isolation of each individual from every other individual. Atomization breaks the bonds that hold society in its traditional shape. Source Read More Evolution News

Strickberger’s Evolution Textbook Promotes False Evolutionary Icons

From crippled fruit flies we move to perhaps the most pervasive icon of them all, the peppered moth. Source Read More Evolution News

Humans Were Designed to Harness Fire

Of all the discoveries made on mankind’s long march to civilization, there was one primal discovery that made the realization of all else possible. Source Read More Evolution News

Copernican Revolution Promoted Man’s Place in the Cosmos

In Copernicus’ day, the Earth was thought to be at the bottom of the universe, the “sump” where all the filth collected. Source Read More Evolution News

Neuroevolution Methods Show Significant Success

The Darwinian algorithm works in theory, but does not work in practice, when applied in the domain of software production. Source Read More Evolution News

Some Possible Reasons for the Limited Success of Evolutionary Algorithms

It is theoretically possible that out of thousands of scientists working on evolutionary computation, all failed to correctly implement the Darwinian algorithm. Source Read More Evolution News

Why Science and Atheism Don’t Mix

Physicist John Polkinghorne says that the reduction of mental events to physics and chemistry destroys meaning. Source Read More Evolution News

COVID-19 and Biochemical Design

On a webinar today, I will discuss viruses in historical time, their basic biochemical design, where they came from, and what they might evolve into. Source Read More Evolution News

Politicized Science Can Be Deadly; Time to Restore Integrity

Imagine there was a pandemic and people found themselves greeting statements from scientists, conveyed by the media, with increasing jaded skepticism. Source Read More Evolution News

Chromosome Dynamics Has Egg-centric Features

In the words of Robert Rosen we have to “drastically reconsider what is meant by “genetic information.’” Source Read More Evolution News

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