On Evolutionary Computation

From the early 1950s, multiple well-documented attempts to make Darwin’s algorithm work on a computer have been published. Source Read More Evolution News

“Live Not by Lies”: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Intelligent Design

The censors depend on active personal destruction not to silence us, but to get us (out of fear) to lie and thus silence ourselves. Source Read More Evolution News

Applying Bayes’ Theorem to Biological Design

Suppose we want to know the odds that a particular individual won last week’s Mega Millions jackpot in the United States. Source Read More Evolution News

Bari Weiss Knows What ID Scientists Already Knew

Advocates of intelligent design have experienced the lengths to which upholders of the “predetermined narrative” will go to punish dissent. Source Read More Evolution News

Welcome Back, Jonathan McLatchie, and Congratulations!

As of January 2020, Jonathan M. is now Dr. Jonathan McLatchie. He earned a PhD in evolutionary biology from the Biosciences Institute at Newcastle University. Source Read More Evolution News

A Bayesian Approach to Intelligent Design

I have come to think of evidence in Bayesian terms and this has in turn impacted the way I think about the biological arguments for ID. Source Read More Evolution…

What Can and Can’t Darwin’s Algorithm Compute?

A number of seminal papers have been published attempting to formalize Darwin’s biological theory from the point of view of computational sciences. Source Read More Evolution News

Darwinian Mythology in Strickberger’s Evolution

Just because something can be counted as science does not automatically mean that it is true. Source Read More Evolution News

Why C. S. Lewis Rejected the “Argument from Undesign”

One contribution Lewis made to the intelligent design project wasn’t a specific argument but the example he set. Source Read More Evolution News

On the Evolution of Automobiles

In automobile evolution, for example (or in the evolution of software), as in the history of life, we see major new features appear suddenly. Source Read More Evolution News

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