Q&A About Roman Catholicism, Bible Translations, Trump, Biden, and Transgenderism

You’ve got questions, and for this midweek podcast, we’ve got answers! Tune in as Frank dives into your listener questions on Roman Catholicism, Bible Translations, the impact of “gender-affirming care” on transgender patients, and the presidential debate and related issues. During the episode, Frank will address questions like:

Why did he leave the Roman Catholic Church?
Which Bible translation is the “best” and which translations should be avoided at all costs?
Are most people who obtain “gender-affirming care” satisfied with the outcome in the long term?
Where can we go to get accurate stats on the transgender issue?
What are we to make of the recent presidential debate, the lies that were told, and the media coverup of President Biden’s condition?
In what areas have both political parties majorly dropped the ball?
What should you do if you don’t like either candidate for President?

Frank will also discuss a thought-provoking Facebook post by Dr. Robert Gagnon, highlighting major issues with the Biden Administration and contrasting Republican and Democratic platforms. Be sure to listen in as Frank tackles your latest questions with rapid-fire responses and stay tuned for another Q&A episode coming next week, where he’ll address more of your questions on Romans 9 and free will.

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Resources mentioned during the episode:

Book –  Roman Catholics and Evangelicals: Agreements and Differences
Self-Paced Online Course – How to Interpret Your Bible
Laura Bryant Hanford – Transgenderism Resources PDF
Robert Gagnon – Biden Speaks the Truth? Facebook Post

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