Should Christians Support Israel? | with Dr. Jeff Myers

Does the Bible promise prosperity to those who bless and support Israel? In the wake of the October 7th attacks on Israel by the Hamas terrorist group, antisemitism in the West is shockingly at an all-time high. What’s driving this sudden surge in antisemitism, and what can we glean from the Old Testament scriptures in relation to God’s covenant with Abraham and how it applies to the modern state of Israel today?

This week on the podcast, Dr. Jeff Myers, president of Summit Ministries, joins Frank to discuss his latest book, ‘Should Christians Support Israel?: Seeking a Biblical Worldview in an Impossible Situation.’ Tune in as Jeff breaks down the basics of the Israel-Palestine conflict, sharing insights from his recent trip to Israel. He’ll reveal the inspiration behind the book, what he observed in Israel, how locals are responding to the attacks, and what mainstream media isn’t telling us. During their conversation, Frank and Jeff will answer questions like:

Are Christians commanded to support Israel, no matter what?
What are the characteristics of genocide and is Israel guilty of committing these acts?
Has the Church replaced Israel?
Why is Gen-Z the most antisemitic generation?
What explains the widespread hatred towards Israel?
Is Hamas worse than the Nazis and are they an ongoing threat to Israel?


Listen as Frank and Jeff unpack the root cause of what’s driving unrest in the Gaza Strip and America, exploring signs of hope for Israel’s future despite ongoing opposition. They’ll also talk about the principles of just war and whether Israel’s military response to the horrific Hamas attack was justified. Make sure to grab your FREE copy of Jeff’s book to learn more about the plight of Israel and why Christians should support their right to a peaceful existence.

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