It Takes a Team to Change the Church

Let’s admit it: the Christian Church is largely anti-intellectual. When I ask my Christian audiences, “Why are you a Christian,” I typically get the same three answers my Mormon family members offer: “I was raised in the Church,” “I had an experience that confirmed it for me,” or “I was transformed by my relationship with God (Jesus).” These are fine answers, but if every believer (whether Christian, Mormon, Muslim or otherwise) can offer the emotional or experiential explanation, how can we determine which belief system is true? Those of us who are committed to making the case for Christianity recognize the challenge of guiding the Church toward better answers and a more thoughtful, reasonable faith. It’s going to be a big job. In fact, it’s going to take a team.

No one knows this better than Greg West, the creator of the Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network. Everyone who’s anyone in the world of Christian apologetics calls Greg a friend, and he’s become a team leader of sorts in our effort to change the direction of the church. If you haven’t visited The Poached Egg, let me encourage you to do so. Greg has created a unique resource and an important platform for those of us who want to contribute as Case Makers. This week, on June 10th, Greg and The Poached Egg will celebrate their five year anniversary. In honor of this momentous occasion, I want to give you five reasons you should visit Greg’s site often:

The Poached Egg is Introductory
Greg’s scans hundreds of apologetics blogs across the globe and selects the best posts for The Poached Egg. As a result, you’ll be introduced to the very best apologetics material and discover new resources.

The Poached Egg is Robust
Greg is an avid apologetics blog reader and his interests are varied. For this reason, his readers get a wide variety of apologetics offerings, including a variety of evidential, cultural, and presuppositional articles.

The Poached Egg is Current
Greg posts several times each day, and he stays on top of the apologetics world. His readers are the beneficiaries of Greg’s tenacity. If you want to know what’s been written in the past day or so, it’s probably posted on The Poached Egg.

The Poached Egg Is Inclusive
Greg is constantly searching for new talent; if you read The Poached Egg on a daily basis, you’re sure to discover the next Josh McDowell or Lee Strobel. Many of us got our start as a featured author on Greg’s website.

The Poached Egg is Empowering
Because Greg is willing to feature good articles, regardless of the stature of their authors, The Poached Egg is an excellent team-building instrument. Greg truly has developed a network of bloggers. If you’re eager to join this team, simply send Greg a link to your blog with an example of your work.

I’m encouraged to see The Poached Egg continue to flourish and grow; it’s a sign our team is becoming more influential and prominent. In the years to come, I bet many of us will look back a Greg’s work and appreciate the role Greg has played in our development as Christian Case Makers. It’s time for all of us to get in the game and start refining our understanding of the evidence and our ability to reiterate the evidence to the culture. If we’re going to change the direction of the Church, it’s going to take a team. Thanks, Greg, for being a team leader!

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